Automated pipetting and image capturing of IFA tests

HELIOS is a revolutionary system that automates the complete pipetting and image capturing of IFA (immunofluorescence) tests.

It is the first and only system to automate this process completely from beginning to end – offering unparalleled process control, traceability, standardisation, ease of use, and maximum efficiency by requiring technical intervention only for expert review.


IFA, ELISA, BLOT – The All-in-one Processor

The HELMED® was the first instrument of AESKU.SYSTEMS. The All-in-one Processor has numerous unique and patented features focusing on usability and flexibility, granting access to the best of 3 worlds – IFA, ELISA and Blot on a single platform.

Due to its innovative design, e.g. the 3-needle system and 3 independent rings, the HELMED® needs less processing time and increases the reproducibility of results compared to manual analysis or one-needle-systems.


IFA Testing

The Immunofluorescence Assay (IFA) is a standard technique used in virology. Fluorescent dyes are added to a sample which, when viewed under a fluorescence microscope, facilitates the visualisation of an antigen-antibody reaction. The test is used to confirm the presence or absence of infection antibodies in response to specific viral antigens.

The technique is commonly used following an Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) or a Multiplexed Fluorometric Immunoassay (MFIA) as a confirmation of positive results.


Our product range offers a fully automated system for sample preparation prior to expert review and can be viewed below.


Humidity and temperature controller

To account for micro-climate variation and deliver more comparable results to our customers, a new optional module has been developed for the HELIOS. This new accessory lets medical scientists regulate and control IFA temperature and humidity.

The “humidity and temperature control” (HTC) add-on also enables testing with a wide range of automated infectious disease substrates, including EBV, HSV, Adenovirus, and Borrelia.

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