Formalin, 10% v/v (4% w/v), 5000ml Tank


Alcohol70, 5000ml Tank

Formalin, 10% v/v (4% w/v), 10000ml Cubitainer

Bouin 2.5 L

Carnoy 2.5 L

Hollande 2.5 L

Bouin 500 mL

B5 500 mL

Formalin 10% solution neutral buffered 5 L

Formalin 10% solution neutral buffered 2.5 L

Formalin 10% neutral buffered 5 mL

Formalin 10% neutral buffered 600 mL

MileTWO, Tank of 5 liters (Ready to use Clearing Solution)

MCC, Milestone Cryoembedding Compound, Box of 12 bottles (125 ml each)

FormSAFE, box including N. 50 of 60ml pre-filled containers (minimum Q.ty 30 boxes)

Box including N. 6 x 2 kg pouch Synergy Wax, histology grade

MileONE, Tank of 5 liters (Ready to use Dehydrating Solution)

Tank of 5 liters FineFix Concentrate

Tank of 10 liters FineFix Concentrate

J.F.C. Solution in 1 Bottle of 5 liter volume

MoL-DECALCIFIER Tank of 5 liters (Ready to use Solution)

MileGREEN Tank of 5 liters (minimum Q.ty 2 bottles)

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