MicroLYSIS RNA Buffer

Powerful reagent for use in COVID-19 testing

Looking for an alternative to your extraction protocols?

Pressure on time and resources?

Designed to release RNA from viral samples with a minimal amount of fuss.

Our method is Quick,  Simple &  Effective

For use with:

  • Dry Swabs
  • Viral Transport
  • Medium Saliva


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Buffers are chemicals that can be added to liquid solutions to stabilize the pH of the fluid sample. This is an important aspect for the success of certain subsequent processes which require a stable pH. Our range of Buffers can be viewed below.

Biologix Pipette Tips

DNA&RNA free Autoclavable Pipet tips

● Biologix Pipette Tips and Racks are made of polypropylene, autoclavable
● 10ul, 200ul Autoclavable Pipet tips are available, suitable for standard manual and electronic pipettes
● Biologix 10μl and 200μl tips are graduated, 200μl tips have a beveled point design that reduces sample retention Extended 1000μl tips facilitate pipetting from deep or narrow containers
● DNA&RNA free Autoclavable Pipet tips, and non-pyrogenic
● Available in sterile & non-sterile Autoclavable Pipet tips

Fume Hood

A fume hood is a filtration and extraction device that captures toxic gasses at the source.This prevents hazardous fumes from contaminating a laboratory. The gasses are filtered and exhausted to create a safe laboratory environment.

Plate Reader

Microplate readers detect biological or chemical events that occur in samples contained in a microplate. Full details of our available products can be found below.

Pipette Tips

For use with pipettors

These disposable attachments permit liquids to be taken up or dispensed by a pipette with control and accuracy. Their disposable nature prevents contamination of samples. You can view our range of pipette tips below.

Respiratory Aid

Purifies the air that circulates and recirculates inside masks

POP is an ideal technical device for everyone who experiences discomfort when wearing a mask, whether for a few minutes or all day long. Impure air, a feeling of constriction and the recirculation of bad breath can all be overcome thanks to POP.

The calibrated balsamic and natural mixture that makes up the POP formula penetrates through the controlled permeability biocompatible membrane, which ensures the agreeable gradual and lasting diffusion of the product.

Stratus Plate Reader

Sample data collection in multiple standard plate formats

The Stratus plate reader is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and allows for measurement collection in small spaces, on shared or modular benchtops, and even in restrictive environments, like anaerobic or microaerophilic chambers and incubators.

Its uniquely simple, standalone interface and on-board data storage allow it to be placed anywhere, with or without a computer.

Overall, the Stratus exploits the best of modern technology to reduce labor and allow you to spend your efforts where they matter most. Cerillo has been uncompromising in the Stratus’s design and performance; all that’s left is for you to try it yourself.

Chemical Fume Hood

Increased safety for working in total comfort

Erlab chemical fume hoods provide unrivalled filtration quality, ensuring a superior level of user protection to all other filtration or extraction devices. By capturing toxic gases at source and filtering them with Erlab-developed filters the most powerful in the world (10 to 1,000 times more effective than other filters on the market they deliver at least 99.995% pure air, inside and out.

A system of endless benefits, providing flawless protection, not only for laboratory personnel, but also for all the company’s employees, as well as everyone living nearby. SMART technology a powerful light-based communication interface keeps users constantly informed, completely intuitively, of the operational status of their fume hood and of the level of safety they are receiving. Exceptional working comfort which removes any anxiety, allowing greater concentration on research.

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