Frozen Section

Rapid freezing of samples is needed to prevent distortion of structure and formation of ice crystals. Our product range offers solutions to ensure a rapid freezing time of 60 seconds.



PrestoCHILL reduces freezing time to 60 seconds and eliminates freezing artefacts through ultrafast freezing, preventing the formation of ice crystals. Cut fatty tissues, like breast or lymph nodes, can be frozen without difficulty and without the distortion of their delicate honeycomb structures.

While using Milestone’s patented “face-down” embedding technique and PrestoCHILL, it is possible to obtain perfectly “flat plane” surfaces to reduce trimming time and allow for efficient sample preparation.


PRESTO PRO is an innovative benchtop processor/stainer for high quality frozen sections. It introduces a standardised approach to processing slides using FineFIX, a patented Milestone solution, followed by fully automated staining protocols.

It is now possible to produce frozen sections with permanent-like quality by combining the artefact-free tissue freezing of PrestoCHILL with the outstanding features of the all-new PRESTO PRO processing/staining unit.

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