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Delivering World Class Client
Solutions in Response to
The Covid-19 Pandemic.



SyS Laboratories mission is to deliver world-class client-focused healthcare screening services, combining operational agility with global leading test technologies. We provide screening and healthcare services to a wide range of professional and private clients. SyS Laboratories specialise in Covid 19 testing as well as providing laboratory testing of viral and bacterial pathogens, autoimmune and food intolerance testing giving clients access to over 100 unique screening tests.

Ray Sinnott

Founder of SyS Laboratories

“During the Covid pandemic we have seen the importance of testing in helping individuals stop the spread of infection, expanding testing beyond Covid is the next step in personal healthcare. Here at SyS Laboratories our team of scientific and medical experts are dedicated to providing world leading testing solutions, our extended testing services will not only provide those looking for Covid tests best in class testing services but also those who have other health care concerns the opportunity to easily access testing and get tested helping them take control of their personal health.”Under the leadership of one of Ireland foremost scientists, Ray Sinnott, who is the founder of SyS Laboratories - the company has developed a wide range of health screen testing solutions for clients above and beyond Covid 19 testing."


Our Services

Medical Testing Facility

SyS Laboratories provide a state of the art medical testing facility for our clients throughout Leinster. Our Medical Centre has been specifically designed to supply the most comprehensive combination of specialized testing services all in one location, within a relaxing environment, complete with welcoming and caring staff. Simply book an appointment for the testing service you would like to avail of.

At Home Testing Kits for Health Screening

Getting tested has never been easier with SyS laboratories range of at home testing kits. Simply follow our 3 step process

Step 1 – Pick the right test for you and receive your test within 24 hours

Step 2 – Collect your sample. Some of our test will give you a result within minutes others you simply put back in the prepaid shipping container and return to us.

Step 3 – Collect your results. All samples returned to our laboratory will be analysed by our team of scientists and results will be sent to you within 5 days.

Concierge Testing Services

Our exclusive concierge testing service provides clients with a personalised testing service. One of our team of qualified professionals will visit you to collect a sample for testing. This is a discrete and highly confidential service with results delivered within the same day*. Our concierge service is available to individuals, businesses and groups who require fast, accurate and reliable results in a convenient and confidential manner.

*Some tests may take more than 24 hours for results

Workplace Testing Services

As companies welcome staff back to work, the on-site COVID-19 testing service can maintain a healthy environment by creating a bubble with tens to hundreds of staff members who have all received a negative test for COVID-19. This safe working environment can be established by requesting staff to wear a face mask and maintain social distancing and have a swab test taken. Once staff have received a negative result, a safe bubble is formed and employees can work together safely, all while still continuing to practice social distancing.

When choosing on-site COVID-19 testing with Sys Laboratories, worries about unnecessary risk can be taken away. Swabs can be processed in less than 4 hours, making this option extremely effective in safeguarding the workplace. If you choose to establish on-site testing, we will install a laboratory at your desired location, which reduces transport time for getting samples to analysis. World class CE-IVD equipment is used in our laboratories which guarantees a gold standard and accurate result, allowing employees to get back to work safely.

Laboratory Testing Services to Other Test Providers

At SyS Laboratories we offer testing services to test providers who may not have their own laboratory or require extra capacity in specialised areas of testing. Our laboratory facilities can provide flexible cost-effective solutions to meet your laboratory needs.

Duty of care

Social Responsibility

We have overcome and solved multiple issues encountered by our customers due to the global pandemic. Organisations need to ensure the safety of their workforce and customers, whilst allowing them to make a productive return to work.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Duty of Care makes it necessary for businesses to have a robust strategy to combat COVID-19. Many organisations require tailored solutions to their specific challenges.

  • Syntec is committed to providing the very best service quality and customer support to our clients.

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