ELISA Testing

The Enzyme-linked Immunoabsorbent Assay (ELISA) is a diagnostic test most commonly used for the detection of antibodies specific to a pathogen. A positive test result indicates that an infection occurred historically, even when the pathogen is no longer present.

ELISA can be used for monitoring purposes to ascertain a change in antibody status. ELISA offers a convenient and rapid response testing solution for disease identification.



The AESKULISA® product line comprises ELISA assays for all major autoimmune disease groups – from routine to research application. Offering more than 140 Kits, AESKU.DIAGNOSTICS has one of the widest portfolios of ELISA assays worldwide.

Different kit configurations provide clinicians with maximum flexibility by choosing the format that fits best to their diagnostic needs. The simplest format is the single antigen assay, a single antigen coated plate and one antibody subclass for detection. In case of a combined determination of different antibody subclasses a check assay has to be chosen.

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