MicroLYSIS RNA Buffer

Powerful reagent for use in COVID-19 testing

Looking for an alternative to your extraction protocols?

Pressure on time and resources?

Designed to release RNA from viral samples with a minimal amount of fuss.

Our method is Quick,  Simple &  Effective

For use with:

  • Dry Swabs
  • Viral Transport
  • Medium Saliva

Biologix Pipette Tips

DNA&RNA free Autoclavable Pipet tips

● Biologix Pipette Tips and Racks are made of polypropylene, autoclavable
● 10ul, 200ul Autoclavable Pipet tips are available, suitable for standard manual and electronic pipettes
● Biologix 10μl and 200μl tips are graduated, 200μl tips have a beveled point design that reduces sample retention Extended 1000μl tips facilitate pipetting from deep or narrow containers
● DNA&RNA free Autoclavable Pipet tips, and non-pyrogenic
● Available in sterile & non-sterile Autoclavable Pipet tips

Pipette Tips

For use with pipettors

These disposable attachments permit liquids to be taken up or dispensed by a pipette with control and accuracy. Their disposable nature prevents contamination of samples. You can view our range of pipette tips below.

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